Prize winning 4,000 sq.m. housing and landscape planning

Hannebjerg Bakke

8,900 sq.m. Urban Planning and 16,700 sq.m. housing

Ballerup Bymidte

4,200 sq.m. Public Transport Hub

RegionCity Jubiläumshallen

350,000 sq.m. Masterplan in Gothenburg

RegionCity Gothenburg

11,000 sq.m. Commercial Building

Ørestad City 1

325,000 sq.m. masterplan in Copenhagen

Kalvebod West Materplan

34,460 sq.m. Planning Competition

Ny Østergade Masterplan

Competition proposal for museum in Norway

Maritime Museum

Urban Design for Værebro Park. 1,400 sq.m.

The Loop

45,000 sq.m. Masterplan in central Copenhagen

Papirøen Masterplan

Competion proposal for 42,000 sq.m. office building in Copenhagen

Kalvebod Brygge Offices

District plan for area 5 and 6 with 52,000 sq.m. of housing and 37,000 sq.m. commercial buildings

Carlsberg Byen District Plan

9,500 sq.m. residential area in a newly devolped neighbourhood


Housing Project in Copenhagen Southern Harbour


Exclusive apartment

Stokhusgade Infill

Design of a new open square in Copenhagen

Jarmers Plads