28 September 2016

Nils Holscher part of the competition jury for Målev Bymidte


23 September 2016

Breaking ground on Ørestad City


07 September 2016

There is still time if you want to join our team!

Holscher Nordberg

05 August 2016

Another successful sales launch for Strandholmen


12 July 2016

Join Our Team! We are strenghening our competition department


20 June 2016

Winners in Ballerup!


12 June 2016

We are looking for interns for the fall semester 2016


07 June 2016

Opening of The Loop in Værebro Park


02 May 2016

Topping-out ceremony for Frederikskaj 2 apartment buildings


28 April 2016

Meet our new DGNB Consultants


19 April 2016

Holscher Nordberg went to Shanghai and Hong Kong


18 April 2016

Kilehusene terraced houses in Roskilde under construction


15 March 2016

Topping-out ceremony for West Coast Park apartment building


10 March 2016

See our proposal for the Ny Østergade planning competition


09 March 2016

Architect Marcos Garcia joins Holscher Nordberg

We are happy to have expanded our team of talented architects once again! Last week we were joined by architect Marcos Garcia. Marcos comes from a similar position at Arrow Architects. Bienvenido!

08 March 2016

Holscher Nordberg shortlisted for Kronløbsøen!


24 February 2016

Nils Holscher part of the competition jury for an indoor sports arena


12 February 2016

Our competition proposal for Christiansholm


11 February 2016

Holscher Nordberg designs Sweco’s future residence


10 February 2016

Meet our talented new architects


10 February 2016

Welcome to our new architectural interns!

On Monday, we welcomed our nice and talented architectural interns for the spring semester. Christina Koukelli is from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and Clara Avril is from the École Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris.

09 February 2016

Pleasant office visit from Danske Ark


03 February 2016

Shortlisted for an interesting urban planning competition in Ballerup


02 February 2016

We are looking for experienced constructing architects


22 December 2015

Merry Christmas

cristhmas tree_KORT_2015_good pdf_4

15 December 2015

Construction drawings completed for Strandholmen 2


04 December 2015

Construction drawings completed for Strandhuset 61


27 November 2015

Are you our new Office Manager?

Holscher Nordberg

13 November 2015

Holscher Nordberg featured in Scan Magazine


07 November 2015

Welcome to Constructing Architect Morten Nøjsen

We are very pleased to have been strengthened by the strong talents of experienced constructing architect Morten Nøjsen. Morten comes from a similar position at Henning Larsen Architects. Welcome!

06 November 2015

Shortlisted for an exciting planning competition in the heart of Roskilde


07 October 2015

Holscher Nordberg is a Gazelle for the second year in row


02 October 2015

Topping-out ceremony for Byhusene terraced houses


11 September 2015

Shortlisted for the competition Pladsdannelser Billund Midtby


08 September 2015

Interesting article about our Cph Highline office building


04 September 2015

Shortlisted for the competition for the H.C. Andersen House of Fairytales


26 August 2015

Welcome to our new Constructing Architect Interns!

This week we were joined by our new Constructing Architect Interns for the fall semester – Nikolai T. Jensen and Georgina Artola. We look forward to exploring and expanding their skills and talents. Welcome!

25 August 2015

Topping-out ceremony for our Skibbroen apartment buildings


24 August 2015

Succesful sales launch for our Strandholmen apartments


07 July 2015

We are looking for interns for the fall semester 2015


23 June 2015

Shortlisted for a new bridge across Folehaven in Copenhagen


11 June 2015

Sales launch for Kilehusene terraced houses in Roskilde


10 June 2015

Bienvenido to Lucas Miguens

Lucas Miguens has recently joined Holscher Nordberg as Senior Architect. The talented Argentinian comes from a position at Powerhouse Company. Bienvenido!

09 June 2015

Sales launch for our Frederikskaj 2 residential area in Copenhagen


04 June 2015

Byhusene residential project expanded with three apartment buildings


02 June 2015

Shortlisted for the competition for the masterplan for Papirøen


01 June 2015

Living Edge – PhD presentation and academic defense


27 May 2015

Plenty of press coverage for our renovation project on Fælledvej


13 May 2015

Nils Holscher part of the competition jury for a children’s daycare center


12 May 2015

Martin Toyberg-Frandzen joins Holscher Nordberg

Today we welcomed the talented and experienced Senior Architect Martin Toyberg-Frandzen to the Holscher Nordberg team.

11 May 2015

Groundbreaking ceremony for our Teglholmen residential building


08 May 2015

Mikkel Nordberg presented our approaches to large-scale housing


05 May 2015

Holscher Nordberg participating in a conference about housing and welfare


22 April 2015

Article in Berlingske about our office building on Havneholmen


14 April 2015

Hristina Gorevaja and Sofia Adolfsson joins Holscher Nordberg

This month we have expanded and strengthened our team with the competent talents of both Senior Constructing Architect Hristina Gorevaja and Senior Architect Sofia Adolfsson.

14 April 2015

Review of the exhibition ‘Housing and Welfare – Homes|Ensembles|City’


27 March 2015

Our competition proposal for a new maritime museum in Norway


24 March 2015

Holscher Nordberg is on Facebook and Instagram


13 March 2015

Partaking in the exhibition ‘Housing and Welfare’ at the School of Architecture


02 March 2015

Design phase completed for our Cirkuspladsen office project


26 February 2015

Holscher Nordberg shortlisted for ambitious Realdania project


08 January 2015

Hello to our new colleagues


18 December 2014

Merry Christmas


27 November 2014

Holscher Nordberg are applying for construction petition on West Coast Park


13 November 2014

“Loopet” supported with 100.000 kr


11 November 2014

Holscher Nordberg designed the short way to school

Skolesti i værebro 11 thumb

11 November 2014

Selected to design urban housing area in Slagelse

lokalplan slagelse_thumb

30 October 2014

Topping-out ceremony at Strandlodden 1+2


14 October 2014

Holscher Nordberg in Madrid


01 October 2014

Holscher Nordberg awarded the Gazelle prize


05 August 2014

Mærsk supports Loop’et with 500.000 kr.


29 July 2014

Prequalified to design the master plan for Kalvebodkvarteret Vest


30 June 2014

We got a new name!


22 May 2014

District Plan for Bellahøjen


02 May 2014

Cecilie Skielboe joins Holscher Architects

We are proud to announce that Cecilie Skielboe will be joining our office as Head of Public Relations, from the 1st of June.

24 March 2014

Anna Meyer re-joins Holscher Architects

We are happy to have Anna Meyer back in Holscher Architects from the 1st of April. Anna was an intern in the autumn of 2013 and has chosen to prolongue her stay in the office.

24 March 2014

Gitte Lorentzen Joins the Holscher Team

We are looking forward to welcoming Gitte Lorentzen to our team. Gitte's experience will be a solid contribution to Holscher Architects.

21 March 2014

New Offices in Cirkuspladsen


21 March 2014

Apartments in Havhuset are now for sale


21 January 2014

Dennis Andersen To Join Holscher Architects

Senior Constructing Architect Dennis Andersen becomes at part of the Holscher team from 1st February. We look forward to welcoming Dennis.

21 November 2013

New School Path for Værebro


16 November 2013

Nils Holscher as Architectural Advisor

Nils Holscher has been architectural advisor to Hørsholm Municipality for the past two months.

14 November 2013

The Loop in Værebro Park to be built


08 November 2013

HA Hires Dorthe Schacht Linius

Dorthe is an experienced architect and will be a great addition to the Holscher team. She joins HA on the 12th of November.

06 November 2013

HA meets the Houseboat Community at Skibbroen


14 October 2013

Selected as Consultant for Henriksholm in Vedbæk

visualization 1_final_thumbnail

11 September 2013

Slagelse By Pass Road Opens on the 28th of September

Holscher Architects has been aesthetic consultant on the bridges and tunnels in connection with the design of the 9 km long road west of Slagelse.

11 September 2013

2nd Part of Strandlodsvejen Housing Ready for Project Sales

holscher_strandlodsvej_aerial 04_vismo_thumbnail

04 September 2013

Lena Reeh Rasmussen Joins Holscher Architects on the 1st of October

We look forward to welcoming Lena to the Holscher Team!

26 August 2013

Planning of Fælledvej to Start in September


23 August 2013

Feasibility Study for Infrastucture and Urban Spaces in Hobro Master Plan


22 August 2013

More Light in Værebro Park!


12 August 2013

The Loop in Værebro Park


03 July 2013

Anders Mortensen Joins HA 1st September

We are looking forward to welcoming Anders Mortensen to the office. Anders is a constructing architect with eight years of experience.

20 June 2013

KUBE District Plan in Public Hearing


19 June 2013

Masterplan for Ringsted Area


18 June 2013

1st Prize in Fælledvej


10 June 2013

Strandlodsvej Housing Ready for Project Sales


06 June 2013

New Project at Vestre Fængsel

Holscher Architects Designs Outdoor Space for Vestre Fængsel

03 June 2013

Salva Quiles Palanca Joins Holscher Architects

We are very glad to welcome Salva Quiles Palanca to our team. Salva is an experienced architect and will be a great addition to the office.